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Middle-English Word of the Day - December 12, 2007

Gleyre (n.) - the white of an egg.

Oure fourneys eek of calcinacioun,
And of watres albificacioun;
Unslekked lym, chalk, and gleyre of an ey,
Poudres diverse, asshes, donge, pisse, and cley,
Cered pokkets, sal peter, vitriole,
And diverse fires maad of wode and cole;

- Chaucer, Geoffrey: The Canterbury tales (1387-1394)

Pronunciation: /glaIr@/

/g/ g in go
/l/ l in lily
/aI/ ai in aisle
/r/ r in red
/@/ a in sofa

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"Concise Dictionary of Middle English."
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