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Middle-English Word of the Day - January 18, 2008

Swithe (adv.) - very, greatly, much, quickly.

Breid he mid switheren hond; a sweord muchel & swithe strong.
al that he ther-mid hitte; al hit a-dun healde.
Neora tha bearn nea swa strong; thah he hefde brunie on.
yif he hine mid sweorde at-ran; nea ras he neuer-mare.

- Layamon, fl.1200: Brut (MS Cotton Caligula) (1205)

Pronunciation: /swiT@/

/s/ s in hiss
/w/ w in we, away
/i/ i in machine
/T/ th in myth or thin
/@/ a in sofa

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"Concise Dictionary of Middle English."
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The example text was found at the Middle English Collection of the University of Virginia Library.

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